Born: 10.11.1983, Bratislava, Slovakia


September 2009 – June 2013, Bc in Pedagogy of Visual Arts, Faculty of Pedagogy, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (painting, drawing, art-therapy, development of child artistic expression)

September 2002 – January 2008, Dipl. Ing in Software Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies Bratislava, Slovakia (web technologies, artificial intelligence)

September 2009 – June 2012 Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (Developmental Psychology, Methodology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of personality, Social Psychology, Neuroscience )

2017 Four Suns (individual exhibition, FUGA, Bratislava, Slovakia)
2017 O.Z.O.R.A. (collective exhibition, Dádpuszta, Hungary )
2017 Minimal (individual exhibition, AvrahKedavra, Bratislava, Slovakia)
2014 Organic (Shisha Chill, Bratislava, Slovakia)
2011 Perla dell’Adriatico (collective exhibition, Grottammare, Italy)
2011 Deň Len (collective exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia)
2011 Stopy po dotykoch mojej duše/Traces of soul’s touch (individual exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia) 2011 Chvála Bláznivosti/The praise of folly (collective exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia – Nitra)
2011 San Crispino (Porto Sant’ Elpidio, Italy)

2011 Premio Speciale „GIOVANI EMERGENTI“ at Perla dell’Adriatioco (Grottammare, Italy)[:sk]Dátum narodenia: 10.11.1983

Artist statement

Zuzana’s art is expression of life – experiences, emotions and thoughts. Her work is imaginative and intuitive. She connects elements of environment in a playful way – animal, floral and technical objects, symbols and human beings. Visual art for her is visionary, energetic with encoded spontaneity of shapes and vibrance of colors.
She has strong connection to indigenous people and ancient cultures. She often works with archetypal animals, which reoccure in different images. Deeper meaning of space is explored in abstract landscapes, her works with space is based on use of colors. Trough art she explores the invisible boundary between outside world and human psyche.
Zuzana’s work is constantly evolving, mostly influenced by post-impressionism, expressionism and neoexpressionism. Recently, she begun exploring combination of visual and performance art. Her background in contemporary dance and new circus are leading her to experiments with aerial acrobatics and drawing. Since both – drawing and dance are based on body movement, their connection is natural.
Lot of time she spent travelling as street artist. Street art is about the relationship between self and unknown, it is the opening of the pure energy accumulated in the form of skill and the story one wants to give to others.
Her passion for colors makes her paintings vivid, pulsing in rhythm of universe. Never-ending cycle of outer-inner inspiration gives endless possibilities of finding new forms. Art is also way of gratitude. Purpose of her artwork is to reveal others her inner vision, specific seeing, precious moments of connection. To share, inspire and allow to dream.
Zuzana currently lives in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Zuzana Petráková