Make space for emotions

Blooming swamps

There is a place where old dies and gives its power back to nature. New is reborn, alive and vibrating. Dazzling light, vivid colors, and softness of newborn flowers is here. It’s the story from blooming swamps.

Flying Turtles

How does it feel to allow yourself to realize your feelings. Imagine the creatures which can take any form. Play around with forms that make you feel comfortable. Flying Turtles are about “that” kind of space.


Nature inspired paintings created with Zen philosophy – mind and body are participating on creation together with nature of color substance, canvas and gravity. Each painting was alive – in the meaning of motion of all ingredients and dried color reveals its path


What is the least number of elements, that can code the core? What is the boundary for noticing it? How complicated and simple must things be to be clear to express what we want to say?


Beauty of our surroundings, warmth of the light, colorful scenery. Stop for a moment and enjoy. Nature is beautiful everywhere.

Four Sun

Sometimes it must be us who gives us light. Four Sun is about creating the inner sun during the difficulty. Create your own.

No boundaries

Where is the border of our soul and world outside? Nature and human being, united in one.



Little stories, small objects, fast sketching.


Do you know what color are your best friends eyes? Take your time to see the people you love. Take your time to love the people you see.

zuzana petráková

Time runs different if you allow yourself to be free
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Zuzana Petráková

visual artist
I am the curious taster of the life, want to smell and touch and feel, contemplate it and bring the witness of my experience. Good art cannot be faked.

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